What is the SVAAA?

The study association Amsterdam Aviation Association (SVAAA) is an association with full competence for students studying Aviation Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam (AUAS). This also applies for students who are enrolled in a respective field of study at the University of Amsterdam (UA) where the main focus is on the Aviation Industry.

The association organizes different activities, such as visits to aviation related companies and air shows, information sessions, networking receptions, and a yearly recurring introduction camp for first year students. In cooperation with the respective faculty of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, we try to provide an informative and lively contribution to the Aviation students’ lives. Because of this, a close  relationship is formed between students and teachers of the Aviation Academy. In addition to that, the association has an extensive network in the field of aviation.

To this end, the SVAAA organizes national and international projects throughout the academic year. Although the SVAAA is a relatively young organization, many opportunities are still unexploited. The association is growing rapidly, and now includes more than 500 students of the Aviation Academy.

We are open to interesting ideas, feedback or your co-operation within the association. Feel free to speak to any of the board or committee members, or mail us by clicking on the contact tab.

As a member, we strongly advise you to regularly check our website, Facebook page, or your e-mail in order to stay up-to-date of all the activities that will take place!